Functional, Beautiful and Sustainable Gardens

We are a landscape design company focusing on sustainable, pollinator friendly and kid-approved landscapes. 

We do this through organic gardening, kid-friendly installations, butterfly gardens, rain gardens, native plants, environmental education programs, and more.

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Welcome to Landscapes Naturally

Landscape Design and Environmental Education

What We Do

We help homeowners creat more sustainable gardens.  We do this through organic gardening, kid-friendly installations, butterfly gardens, rain gardens, making native plants available, and environmental education programs.

Why Native Plants?

Birds, butterflies and other wildlife rely on plants for their food and shelter.  Exotic plants may look beautiful, but often do little to support our local wildlife!  

Native plants can be both beautiful and functional.  Once native plants are established, they require little maintenance.  

Getting Kids Engaged

Children need an opportunity to develop a personal relationship with nature.  Activities that encourage discovery engage children and stimulate curiosity and passion.

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Native Plant Sales

Native plants are those that grow naturally in Michigan and are grown in a handful of local nurseries that specialize in growing plants from wild seed stock. Plants come in both individual containers and plugs in trays.   Trays are typically 36 or 50 plugs.

We have found clients are interested in obtaining multiple species and in smaller quantities than those provided in full trays, which can make purchasing full trays cost prohibitive.  To provide a wide selection of plants in smaller individual quantities, Landscapes Naturally purchases full trays from various nurseries and then divides the trays to offer the plugs for individual sale.  

This will allow you to order as many, or as few, as needed to supplement your existing garden species, or perhaps try out a new plant.  We can also provide specialized trays with a mixture of plants suitable for different installations such as butterfly gardening, turf alternatives or wet location specialists.

Environmental Education Projects

Exposing children to the wonders of the nature helps they grow up to be advocates of the environment.  Children have an innate curiosity about the world around them and our environmental education programs help them look closely at what’s going on around them and have their questions answered. 

Programs introduce children to the native species and encourage them to interact with the natural world.  Pre-school through elementary programs available.


Whether you project is large or small, we can help you turn your idea into reality.

Heather Carson

Always passionate about nature, Heather designed and installed her first landscape in high school.  After getting an Master’s in Resource Ecology from Duke Universty and studying global and regional environmental impacts, she is excited to be able to apply sustainable ideas at a local level in residential gardens and community areas.

Andrew Hunt

The hardscape specialist, Andrew will take care of path, walls, steps and more.  With over 15 years of experience installing pavers, natural stone products and trees, Andrew has the know-how to turn your yard into an outdoor extension of your living space.   He works closely with Quarry Gardens, a local landscape supply that can provide materials local to Michigan.




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